Polygelco is a cleantech start up manufacturing green Thermoplastic Elastomers using novel technologies.

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About Us.

Polygelco is a cleantech business producing novel elastomeric / polymer materials from waste product - We manufacture (branded as Gelcoprene) range of green Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) by the use of novel technology and detailed understanding of the processing parameters of the fastest growing segment of the polymer market.

Polygelco have bundled a series of technologies including an patented game-changing process in the rubber recycling industry derived from university driven research to produce a range of TPE blends that equal currently offered virgin materials in physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Polygelco’s TPEs have a significant cost and processing advantage over virgin materials as well as the badge of sustainability currently not offered but desired by the market.

Our Technology.

Polygelco has developed technology that enables the devulcanisation of scrap rubber using clean processes at a economic price point - Super Critical CO2 at 1 atm pressure and 31°C

Polygelco close relationship with the University of Cambridge Engineering Department means TPE blends have been tested to asses physical and mechanical properties of initial blends and that they are in alignment with currently available products.

The Market.

TPEs combine the processing advantages of thermoplastics with the flexibility, low modulus, and soft touch of elastomers. TPEs have made their way into many industrial segments including medical, electronics, sporting goods, consumer products, and automotive. The polymers’ softness and suppleness, in particular, add consumer appeal to products made with TPEs.

B2C consumer goods TPE enhanced achieve end prices between +10-1300% above products made with standard plastics. FDA and European Union rules regarding additives which are potentially environmentally harmful and zero landfill


  • 3.1 mtons - $11.4bn in 2009
  • 4.2 mtons - >$16bn
  • > 5mtons by 2018 and $27bn.
  • Estimates for a recycled TPE market $0.6 – 1.5bn
  • Major end user segments:
    • Automotive
    • Consumer goods
    • Electronics
    • Medical, packaging and food
    • Industrial
    • Construction

Our Product.

To date Polygelco has developed two new thermoplastic polymers from combined scrap plastics and rubber to produce Gelcoprene A and Gelcoprene B. Full property details are attached as PDF’s. We continue to research other new products and applications including, for example, 3D printing.

Making A Difference.

In addition to developing technology that in some way addresses the problems posed by scrap plastic and rubbers Polygelco, together with many others, are assisting in the development of a closed loop system for scrap plastics and rubbers that will reduce the need for ever more high embedded energy virgin materials thus reducing the waste materials that are causing such intolerable damage to the world’s fragile environment.

As such Polygelco is very much part of the “low carb” future.

Contact Us.

Polygelco Ltd
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Email: info@polygelco.co.uk